Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Deer Antler Spray Side Effects

Competitive athletes and bodybuilders are on a constant hunt for an edge, and that's a major reason behind the increased use of deer antler spray in their lives, which provides the chief active component of IGF-1. The hormonal growth factor leads to rapid cell division, thereby boosting the testosterone levels and promoting muscle growth. Undoubtedly, deer antler spray does a lot of good, but excess consumption of the same can be the building grounds of a number of negative side effects too.

An extraordinarily large quantity of IGF-1 in the blood is the underlying cause of all the deer antler spray side effects. Some of the major side effects of the spray are listed below.

Inhibition of Natural Hormones 

One of the most prominent side effect of using deer antler spray is the inhibition of natural hormones due to the excess of artificial intake of IGF-1, which can further prove to be harmful for the body.

Increased Testosterone and Oestrogen 

It has been suggested by anecdotal evidence that deer antler spray increases oestrogen. This in turn, leads to the individual experiencing pain in the chest or itchy breast nipples, development of breasts in men, emotional imbalances, and loss of muscle mass. A prolonged use of the spray may also cause shrinking of the testicles, sterilisation, or liver problems.

Health Concerns Associated with Hormonal Imbalance 

Overstimulation of oestrogen receptors caused by deer antler spray give birth to a number of other health concerns for those who are vulnerable to hormone imbalances. In women, it may also lead to reproductive problems, as well as pain in the nerves, swelling, highly increased libido, and rise in the cholesterol levels. Women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or those with a background of hormone-related cancers are advised to avoid using the spray.

Why Deer Antler Capsules Are The Best Alternative To Deer Antler Spray 

When it comes to selecting a product that can bring your health, fitness and wellness to the optimum levels, opting for deer antler capsules instead of a spray made from pure extract is a great option. Take a look below to gain a better insight into the reasons behind the same.

Gradual Absorption: Unlike the sprays, deer antler capsules have a slow absorbing action, which eliminates the risks of sudden aggression and hallucinations. Instead, the bloodstream absorbs the formula in an optimum rate, thereby delivering the perfect amount of boost required by your body.

Ideal Amount of IGF-1: The deer antler capsules don't contain IGF-1 in excess, as well as by the time the capsule is broken down by the body, an ideal percentage of the hormone is taken by the system. This reduces the chances of any inhibitions in the natural production of the hormones in the body. 

No Hormonal Imbalances: The optimum levels of IGF-1 make sure that your body produces the right amounts of oestrogen and testosterone, which makes sure you are safe from any serious health concerns that arise due to hormonal imbalances. 

It can be rightly said that no other form of deer antler supplements can match the potency of the capsules when it comes to keeping your body function optimally, while increasing the muscle growth as desired at the same time.